About Us

GayTShirt.com was born as a venture from Swish Embassy.

Swish Embassy, born in 2009 as a playful challenge among friends, emerged from the lack of fashionable options in gay travel destinations like Provincetown, Fort Lauderdale, and Puerto Vallarta. Founder Dean, disenchanted with the uninspiring offerings, proclaimed his ability to do better. To prove his point, he started crafting hand-pressed shirts in a small Toronto bedroom, and the idea caught fire. What began as a bet expanded rapidly, requiring multiple rooms and even a rented apartment next door.

By 2010, overwhelmed by the demand, they halted online sales, realizing the project had outgrown its humble origins. In 2015, Dean revitalized Swish Embassy with a focus on scalability and trend responsiveness. Production shifted to the United States for cost-efficiency and proximity to customers. In September 2015, SwishEmbassy.com relaunched with 25 products, and within a year, it offered nearly 18,000 customizable products, available for worldwide delivery.

Fast forward to 2022, Swish Embassy boasts a vast inventory of 200,000 SKUs, produced locally in the USA, Canada, the UK, the European Union, and soon in Australia. It has evolved into a global brand with localized stores to cater to diverse markets.

In 2023, Swish Embassy launched GayTShirt.com a retail-focused brand carrying a selection of their products as well as products from new and competing brands across the world.